We are excited to announce the next event in our lecture series in Emergency Medicine!

This course will aim to cover the 5 most common presentations in emergency medicine settings, we’ve already covered; head injuries, chest pain, and sepsis. This week we’ll be covering Abdominal Pain.

Our fourth lecture in the series will be delivered by Paramedic Ben Miller and Dr Luke West and will cover patients presenting with abdominal pain.

Tickets for this event are available through the SU website and are free for members and £1 for non-members for each individual lecture. Click here: https://www.uea.su/events/8359/14888/

If you are not a student at UEA, you will need to register for a guest account on the website in order to purchase the ticket.

Ticket sales will close at midday on the 12th March.

Certificates of attendance are available for this event, and an additional certificate will be sent to those who attend all 5 sessions.

The event will be recorded and will be made available to all ticket holders. 

The final remaining lecture will cover overdose and poisoning.

Due to the current pandemic and the pressures on healthcare professionals, we are currently unable to provide the date for this lecture.

N.B. Ticket sales for this lecture will close at midday on the day of the event.

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