We’ve got a great lineup for the National Undergraduate Pre-Hospital Care Conference 2018.

Day 1 – Acute Medical Care

Our speakers on the first day will be teaching about how to deal with medical emergencies, in the pre-hospital environment.


Dr Drew Welch

Dr Drew Welch is an ST7 Speciality Registrar in Anaesthesia & Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine, and Clinical Director of NARS (Norfolk Accident Rescue Service).  Dr Welch will be using his many years of experience in emergency care to talk to delegates about a range of topics focused around polytrauma.

Dr Jonathan Townsend

Dr Jonathan Townsend is an anaesthetist advising the police force.  He will be delivering a back to basics talk on the pre-hospital primary survey, which will be essential for the simulations coming up on both days!

Day 2 – Perfecting team-working

Our speakers on the second day will be teaching about how to perfect teamwork and leadership skills, particularly in high stress environments.


Dr Esther Murray

Dr Esther Murray, a Health Psychologist with an interest in well-being in medical students and doctors who is involved with pre-hospital medicine teaching at Barts.

Dr Murray is currently carrying out research with students involved in pre-hospital care to explore the effects of this work on their well-being, and will be speaking to our delegates about moral injury and mental stress.


Dr Mark Tehan

Dr Mark Tehan is a HEMS Registrar with East Anglian Air Ambulance, he is also an Emergency Medicine registrar at Addenbrookes Hospital. Previously, Mark has worked in London and the East of England in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. His academic interests are in medical education and simulation.

He will be introducing delegates to the key concepts of Major Incident Management, which will be followed by a mass casualty simulation where delegates will be able to put what they’ve learnt into practice.


Matthew Leopold

Matthew Leopold is currently a volunteer with St John Ambulance and South East Coast Ambulance Service, as a first aider, ambulance crew and community responder.  He is also one of the leaders for London’s Medical Response Team.  This is a specialist team that is trained to respond to 999 calls in crowded, noisy and challenging environments.
Matthew and his team have significant experience in how to safely enter crowds, rapidly triage a scene, manage a medical incident and then extract a patient smoothly and safely.  He will share some top tips on how to read, enter and traverse a crowd – whilst maintaining your and your patient’s safety,

Dane Goodsman

Dr Danë Goodsman

Dr Danë Goodsman is a Reader in Medical Education. A fully qualified educationalist since 1979 with both first degree and PhD in education and also a Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership.  She has worked as a teacher and lecturer in all sectors from schools through to universities – specifically in the field of medical education since the early 1990s. Her main areas of responsibility are Prehospital Medical Education, Faculty Development and Curriculum Innovation.

At the conference she’ll be talking to our delegates about Human Factors, and how they can harness them to perfect their team-working skills.  They’ll then be able to put these skills into action in a number of high-stress/high-fidelity simulations.

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