The National Undergraduate Pre-Hospital Care Conference 2018 will be an exciting, multidisciplinary, fun-packed event, taking place in Norwich over the weekend 17-18 March 2018.  Consisting of a variety of seminars, lectures and simulations, Norwich PCP have a packed programme lined up, that’s guaranteed to be fun, educational and engaging!  Everyone with an interest in pre-hospital care is welcome to attend, although the conference will be pitched at the undergraduate level*.  This is a multidisciplinary conference, so medical, nursing and paramedic students are all encouraged to attend.

Each day will have a different focus, and delegates are welcome to attend 1 or both days.
Day 1 – Focussing on acute medical care, with seminars and simulations covering topics such as polytrauma, intoxication, cardiac arrest and burns.
Day 2 – Focussing on conflict and challenging environments, with seminars and simulations covering topics such as conflict resolution, reaction-to-stress, managing crowds, and major incident management.

Delegates will have a chance to get hands on in small teams in highly realistic scenarios, with mentoring and feedback throughout.  Delegates will also receive a certificate of attendance.

The following tickets are available from the UEA SU website:
Day 1 & 2 – https://www.uea.su/events/8359/2917/
Day 1 – https://www.uea.su/events/8359/2916/
Day 2 – https://www.uea.su/events/8359/2915/
Tickets are limited, so we highly recommend getting yours soon to avoid missing out!

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to email us at norwichpcp@gmail.com.

*To maximise delegates’ enjoyment of the conference, we highly recommend some Basic Life Support (aka CPR) training as a minimum prior to attending the conference.

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